How to sell your Item safely?

how to sell your time fast

How to Sell your New or Used Item  and Services Safely? is a free local classifieds site. Sell anything from used cars to mobiles, furniture, laptops, clothing and more. Submit ads for free and without creating an account. If you want to buy something - here you will find interesting items, cheaper than in the store. Start buying and selling in the easiest way on

- No upfront or advanced payment
- No advnaced payment sent to anybody by easy paisa or jazz cash etc.
- You should bind to make a full payment when the product is delivered to you.
- Tie up a safe place to meet.
- Check the currency to make sure it is not fake.
- Therefore you should know that banks will refute the fake currency and money order. They will consider you responsible for the fake currency.
- You should check the credentials of the buyers if they are ordering the product in bulk. Inquire the buyer to show picture ID and evidence of address.
- The seller should make sure that the product contains the features list in the ad to prevent any conflict with the buyer.
- Never share your financial credentials except for the time when they are needed for the payment.