How works?

how it works page is the most popular free local advertisement service. We manage to get even the smallest village. Always remember that! is completely free and very simple to use, hence it is used by millions of users. So join us on!

Want to sell something? In can do it quickly effectively and safely! Simply post an ad.

Want to buy something? Use the search engine you can find what you're looking for and buy next door! sells anything from used cars to mobiles, furniture, laptops, clothing and more. Submit ads for free and without creating an account or registration. If you want to buy something - here you will find interesting items, cheaper than in the store. Just start buying and selling in the easiest way on

Our site works by facilitating the buyers and sellers to trade products on the online website. The seller needs to place an ad on our site to sell the product. They can upload the products photo and description on the website. After posting an ad on the website, he should wait for the customers to contact him. The customers can contact him by phone, SMS or email. The buyers can browse the and find products by website’s search engine they want to buy. After finding the specific item they can contact the seller by phone, SMS or email. The buyer and seller can meet on specific place for the transaction.

Well!  It’s pretty simple. As a seller you upload the picture and description of your stuff along with your quote (price) and as a buyer I will contact you on the contact information (email, phone) provided by you and buy it from you. “” is the online community classifieds website. By accessing our site you need to agree all the terms, guidelines, privacy policies which are designed to make sure that works for everyone.